My first solo-trip!


Last Thursday I had my very first solotrip! I decided to go to De Keukenhof (a botanical garden somewhere in the Netherlands). I left at 7.45 AM from home, hoping that it would be less busy in the morning (which was true). After the train I had to catch a bus, but didn’t know where the bus was… So I asked a lady at the ticket office: “Oh my God, don’t you see all those people over there waiting? I don’t think they are waiting for a plane, right?” – but we were at Schiphol Airport. So many people everywhere. This was a big reminder of why I don’t like Dutch people hahaha. But I just smiled and said: “Thanks for helping me, have a lovely day.”

I arrived around 9.30 AM. It was quite busy but no-one around me was/seemed Dutch, which was pretty nice: I had the feeling no-one would be bothering me and that I could to whatever I wanted. Luckily I had taken a lot of tea (it was sooo cold that day), a new playlist on Spotify and my camera. I took pictures for four and a half hours straight until I ran out of battery and I was so cold that the tea wasn’t able to warm me up. I am pretty happy with the pictures I made! The best of them are with this post! This reminded me of how much I love taking pictures. I want to go on these kind of trips with my camera, because I was SO relaxed after this day….

If you’d ever want to go to the Keukenhof: don’t go during weekends or during the Dutch holidays. Because then it’s supposed to be extremely crowded. And don’t forget your camera! Because this place is SO photo-genetic!


Photo Gallery: Malawi (2012)

When I was 16, I went to Uganda. Together with 20 classmates we went there to do volunteering work: we built stoves, houses and friendships. My parents were jealous. So they decided to go to Malawi, two months after my trip to Uganda. It was life changing. Seeing such poor people. They didn’t have ANYTHING. And even though the nature was amazing and breath-taking, the people were even more amazing and breath-taking. We met locals that tried to educate the orphans of their village so that they could get their own job and own house in the future. We met people that were happy with just a balloon. We met people that had nothing but were happy to share their house with us (my youngest sister and I shared a very small bed and my father slept on the ground, but we were só lucky because we felt so welcome).

So seeing these pictures makes me realize that I need to be happy with the things I DO have, instead of being sad about the stuff I don’t have. For instance, I am lucky I have so many friends, I am happy that I’m able to get to get to university to get educated. I am happy that I have so many experiences that shaped me to who I am today. And looking at these pictures of those happy, kind and welcoming people makes me realize that again.


Hampstead Heath: Photo Gallery

Last summer I lived in London for two months. This gave me the opportunity to see more than just the London Eye, Big Ben and Camden Lock foodmarket. One of my most favourite places was this place in Hampstead Heath. After a long day (we walked all the way from Abbey Road to Primrose Hill to Camden Market – we were soo tired after that allready), we decided to go see this cute and amazing Secret Garden! This place gave us so much energy! (You can see that in the pictures!) So next time you’re in London: go there (I guarantee you’ll make some great pictures)! This place is amazing!