What to do in Amsterdam when it rains?

I have a confession to make. I live in the Netherlands but I’ve never really visited Amsterdam. Yes – I’ve been there once or twice to go to a theatre or TV-studio, but I’ve never seen VondelparkKalverstraat and a lot other very touristic places. That’s why Nina, a good friend, decided to take me to Amsterdam last saturday, so we could see all the touristy-places.


As you can see: Nina had it all planned out for us. But then it became Saturday and the weather was AWEFUL. It wasn’t just raining, no it was storming: wind, cold, rain, wind, rain, cold… I’ll say it again: it was aweful. So we had to change most of our plan, met three hours later and only went to the museum: Nemo. (Which is a museum for kids, to be honest, but it was kind of cool and there were a lot of tourists in there to! They seemed to enjoy it!) And Nemo is very close to the Central Station, so that was why we chose to go there.

After a bunch of tests, new information about puberty and sex, a lot of crazy pictures and painful ears (seriously, I forgot that kids could be so loud…), we found out that it is possible to get on the roof of the museum, and there was this amazing view. (But since we didn’t have our coats and it was very cold outside, we couldn’t really enjoy it.) Oh btw: the thirth and fourth level in Nemo are interesting if you’re older than 10: there’s a lot of social stuff (and a lot of really funny information about puberty and sex and stuff), so make sure to see those levels if you’d like to visit.

After Nemo (where we spent 3 hours), Nina took me to the library next to Nemo and at the fifth level we had an amazing view! (But since it was a library and people were studying, we could not go all touristy and take a lot of pictures.. so we just took one picture and left…)

So, conclusion: even with terrible weather Amsterdam has got enough to offer to keep yourself busy. Nemo is pretty nice (even if you’re older than 10) and at least there’s a pretty view. I enjoyed it!



Hampstead Heath: Photo Gallery

Last summer I lived in London for two months. This gave me the opportunity to see more than just the London Eye, Big Ben and Camden Lock foodmarket. One of my most favourite places was this place in Hampstead Heath. After a long day (we walked all the way from Abbey Road to Primrose Hill to Camden Market – we were soo tired after that allready), we decided to go see this cute and amazing Secret Garden! This place gave us so much energy! (You can see that in the pictures!) So next time you’re in London: go there (I guarantee you’ll make some great pictures)! This place is amazing!

Let me introduce myself!

Hi! I’m Eveline, twenty-one years old and Dutch (so please, don’t mind my grammar mistakes.. I’m trying!!) I am a student, sister to my lovely sisters Irene and Manon. I love photographing and crocheting. Next to that I love to experience new cultures.

In my very short life, I’ve already seen a lot of this world. I fell in love with traveling when I was around 15 years old. My parents took me and my sisters to Porto in Portugal. I totally loved the city and the atmosphere. I enjoyed walking through unknown streets, talking to complete strangers (which didn’t speak a word English so we had to talk with our hands and feet and facial expressions) and experiencing the easiness the south-European people live with.

I’ve been to Uganda, Malawi and Cambodia. In these three countries I did volunteering work. Last summer I lived in London as an au pair and next to that I just LOVE city trips! Let’s say that in the last two years (2015+2016) I’ve spent at least two/three days in eight different citys: London, Rome, Budapest, Berlin… And there are much more places I want to visit. But since I’m a student, I have to travel on a budget! So, on this blog I’ll post things about my previous trips and travels, and I’ll keep you posted about the trips I’ll make in the future! I hope you’ll enjoy my blog!

Lots of love,