Time for a change

What to do when your boyfriend breaks up with you because of your lack of self-confidence and self-love? I don’t know, but I have to because that’s my current situation. I tried crying, but I found out that that didn’t really help (although I felt kind of relieved after a two-hour-long-crying-session). After getting myself to the fitness center for the first time in for ever and REALLY like it, I figured it is time for a change. I have to show myself that a life without a boyfriend can be totally awesome! And that I’ll learn to love myself.

Thank God for my friends and for my family. They helped me through the first two weeks. But now I want to get back on my feet again. And show myself that I am awesome. So I made a plan. I want to go on trips on my own, since I always do things together and never go somewhere on my own. Those trips can go from ‘going to the theatre/cinema’ to ‘visit a random city in the Netherlands’. But to give myself a kick start, I am going on a city trip. On my own. I am terrified. And excited. But terrified.

For so long I want to book a trip with SRPRS.me. This is a Dutch organisation that books you a trip to an unknown destination. Well, for me it is an unknown destination. The organisation will know where I go. At the airport I will hear where I go. So the next three weeks will be REALLY HARD because I have no idea at all where I will go to on my own. But it will be awesome and I will get to know myself a little better (I hope). Fingers crossed that everything will turn out the way I hope.

I’m going to blog about all my adventures. All my solo-trips and this SRPRS.me-travel. I’ll keep you posted!


Let me introduce myself!

Hi! I’m Eveline, twenty-one years old and Dutch (so please, don’t mind my grammar mistakes.. I’m trying!!) I am a student, sister to my lovely sisters Irene and Manon. I love photographing and crocheting. Next to that I love to experience new cultures.

In my very short life, I’ve already seen a lot of this world. I fell in love with traveling when I was around 15 years old. My parents took me and my sisters to Porto in Portugal. I totally loved the city and the atmosphere. I enjoyed walking through unknown streets, talking to complete strangers (which didn’t speak a word English so we had to talk with our hands and feet and facial expressions) and experiencing the easiness the south-European people live with.

I’ve been to Uganda, Malawi and Cambodia. In these three countries I did volunteering work. Last summer I lived in London as an au pair and next to that I just LOVE city trips! Let’s say that in the last two years (2015+2016) I’ve spent at least two/three days in eight different citys: London, Rome, Budapest, Berlin… And there are much more places I want to visit. But since I’m a student, I have to travel on a budget! So, on this blog I’ll post things about my previous trips and travels, and I’ll keep you posted about the trips I’ll make in the future! I hope you’ll enjoy my blog!

Lots of love,