When the sun sets in Rome…

Last year I went to Rome (November 2015). And even though my phone got stolen in the tram the second I arrived (don’t EVER put your phone in the pocket of your jacket when you’re in a crowded tram…), I had an amazing time. My friend Stella lived there – she is Dutch but she went to Rome to study abroad for a year. This gave me the opportunity for an extremely cheap city trip: couldn’t turn that opportunity down, could I?

When in Rome, we found a new hobby: having photoshoots! Especially during sunset we loved to take pictures of each other. So she showed me two extremely beautiful spots to visit during sunset! The first one was near Piazza del Popolo: beautiful view (including the St.Peters Cathedral!)

After a long day of walking and photoshoots (The Colloseum is SUCH a great place for pictures!), we ended the day at Il Giardino Degli Aranci. The view was amazing, but the sun didn’t set behind the St.Peters Cathedral as it did on the first place, so that was little bummer. But still: the view was great and the atmosphere was so magical! There were a lot of birds flying above the city (as you can see in the pictures). The viewing point was in a very small and cute garden, which I’d love to go back to during summertime to have a picknick!





Hampstead Heath: Photo Gallery

Last summer I lived in London for two months. This gave me the opportunity to see more than just the London Eye, Big Ben and Camden Lock foodmarket. One of my most favourite places was this place in Hampstead Heath. After a long day (we walked all the way from Abbey Road to Primrose Hill to Camden Market – we were soo tired after that allready), we decided to go see this cute and amazing Secret Garden! This place gave us so much energy! (You can see that in the pictures!) So next time you’re in London: go there (I guarantee you’ll make some great pictures)! This place is amazing!