Tourists, Christmas and LONDON

I just cannot help it: every time I get the chance, I just neeeed to see London.  So when two international friends, Dennis and Alberto, asked me if I would want to join them on their trip to London and show them around the city for a bit, I could not say ‘no’. So I visited London, once again. And I have never acted more touristy than this weekend.

So, what touristy things did I do? We took photos with all the landmarks (except for the Big Ben because that’s under construction). We visited the Tate Modern. We started our Saturday with a full English breakfast and ended the same day with fish and chips as dinner. We hunted squirrels in st. James’ park ánd we drank cider in a typically English pub. Loved it.

On Sunday I had another one of my solo-days! I took some time to visit places I had not seen before, and also some places I just love to visit. I started my day with a long walk: from our hostel I walked all the way to the Colombian Flower Market via Shoreditch’ Bricklane.  The atmosphere in these streets, the randomness of things you see around you, the happy people and the sun that shined bright… I enjoyed every second of it.


After this I took the bus to the city center, where I first had some hot chocolate in the Theater Café, after that I walked to Leicester Square, Trafalgar Square and decided to walk around the city into some random streets I had never seen before and -of course- I ended up in a bookstore! After that it was time to go home, unfortunately. But, this weekend made me realize once again how much I love London.

Oh, HOW CAN I FORGET!? I totally loved all the Christmas lights and -fairs!




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