! Part 2

After the roadtrip on the island we went to the city-wall on top of the hill to see the sunset. (Since Ibiza city is on the east-side of the island, you can’t really see the sunset though, but still.) Casell and Chris bought some beer, and Paul and I shared a wine. That was not a super good plan though, since I hadn’t eaten that much that day and I was super tired so after one glass of wine I got tipsy already. But hey, at least I had fun! I really enjoyed sitting there, talking with my new friends and looking at the view.

After that I had the best fish ever.

The next day we were going on an adventure. Paul knew a secret beach and he wanted to show us. The idea was to go early because Carla had to leave that day. But after a long conversation with Paul the night before (everyone else in our dorm was already sleeping – and snoring – when we went to sleep), we were the first to wake up… After a reaaally slow morning (drinking some fresh juice and buying some postcards – I could’ve stayed in bed for like three more hours but okay), we finally went to the beach. Paul did tell us we had to climb a bit. I just didn’t really expect he meant that literally. And it was definitely more than ‘a bit’. But I was really enjoying the climb and I took the time to get to the other side. The beach wasn’t that beautiful though, at least not as beautiful as the beach we saw the day before. But the experience was amazing!

When we got back in the hostel I had some me-time. I was exhausted after a short night and the climbing adventure so I needed some sleep. After that me and my camera went for a walk in the city. It was good to just wander around on my own for a while and explore the city. I wanted to get lost but since I’d already seen half of the city whilst in the bus on my way to the hostel, that didn’t really happen. The city is so beautiful and peaceful,  I felt really safe, even though I was all by myself.

After that I had the best paella ever.

I’ve learned so much from this experience. I cán handle things on my own. Even though some things didn’t go as planned or didn’t go as smooth as I had hoped for (like when you get out at the wrong busstop and have to walk with your luggage for a really long time), I still can survive. The fact that I didn’t know where I were going to, made that I could not look up anything about the city or island. At first I found that really frustrating, but when in the hostel I found out it made me flexible: because I hadn’t planned anything, I could just join the plans of others and enjoy the view and the experience. If you don’t plan anything, nothing can go wrong, right? I hope I can go on this kind of trips more often: just book a flight and a nice hostel and meet some amazing people.

I want to end this blog with a big shout out to all the lovely people I’ve met. Because without them it would not be as much fun as it was with them. So, dear Paul, Casell, Stefi, Carla, Chris, Josh and Micky: thank you. It was a pleasure to meet you, hasta pronto!



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