My first solo-trip!


Last Thursday I had my very first solotrip! I decided to go to De Keukenhof (a botanical garden somewhere in the Netherlands). I left at 7.45 AM from home, hoping that it would be less busy in the morning (which was true). After the train I had to catch a bus, but didn’t know where the bus was… So I asked a lady at the ticket office: “Oh my God, don’t you see all those people over there waiting? I don’t think they are waiting for a plane, right?” – but we were at Schiphol Airport. So many people everywhere. This was a big reminder of why I don’t like Dutch people hahaha. But I just smiled and said: “Thanks for helping me, have a lovely day.”

I arrived around 9.30 AM. It was quite busy but no-one around me was/seemed Dutch, which was pretty nice: I had the feeling no-one would be bothering me and that I could to whatever I wanted. Luckily I had taken a lot of tea (it was sooo cold that day), a new playlist on Spotify and my camera. I took pictures for four and a half hours straight until I ran out of battery and I was so cold that the tea wasn’t able to warm me up. I am pretty happy with the pictures I made! The best of them are with this post! This reminded me of how much I love taking pictures. I want to go on these kind of trips with my camera, because I was SO relaxed after this day….

If you’d ever want to go to the Keukenhof: don’t go during weekends or during the Dutch holidays. Because then it’s supposed to be extremely crowded. And don’t forget your camera! Because this place is SO photo-genetic!


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