Let me introduce myself!

Hi! I’m Eveline, twenty-one years old and Dutch (so please, don’t mind my grammar mistakes.. I’m trying!!) I am a student, sister to my lovely sisters Irene and Manon. I love photographing and crocheting. Next to that I love to experience new cultures.

In my very short life, I’ve already seen a lot of this world. I fell in love with traveling when I was around 15 years old. My parents took me and my sisters to Porto in Portugal. I totally loved the city and the atmosphere. I enjoyed walking through unknown streets, talking to complete strangers (which didn’t speak a word English so we had to talk with our hands and feet and facial expressions) and experiencing the easiness the south-European people live with.

I’ve been to Uganda, Malawi and Cambodia. In these three countries I did volunteering work. Last summer I lived in London as an au pair and next to that I just LOVE city trips! Let’s say that in the last two years (2015+2016) I’ve spent at least two/three days in eight different citys: London, Rome, Budapest, Berlin… And there are much more places I want to visit. But since I’m a student, I have to travel on a budget! So, on this blog I’ll post things about my previous trips and travels, and I’ll keep you posted about the trips I’ll make in the future! I hope you’ll enjoy my blog!

Lots of love,



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