Soccer on flipflops!

After a difficult morning – the kids just didn’t want to listen, but I guess it’s not only that they didn’t wánt to, they just couldn’t because their English is just terrible – Kimhoun took her class outside. After a few exercises in which the kids learned all about body parts, the kids were allowed to play soccer. I was just looking at it and enjoying the joy the kids clearly had. At one point, one of the girls came to me, took my hand and tried to say that she wanted me to join in. Together we ran into the field, and tried to get the ball. But we were terrible and the field was all muddy and wet so we fell all the time because of our flipflops… We didn’t win (unfortunately), but we had so much fun! The moment we walked back to the classroom and she looked at me, I realized: a smile means the same in every language


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