London, again…

Last summer I lived in London for two months. And how I missed the city! So DSC_0316Daphne (another au pair) and I decided to go there again last Februari! It was amazing to see the city again. It felt like a different city this time, because we didn’t have to take care of kids ánd it was winter instead of summer. (Which meant that the sunset was waaaay earlier than we were used to and we walked mostly through the dark streets, which I loved.)

We arrived Friday evening. The first we saw when we came out of the underground station was the Big Ben and houses of parliament. What a view. And we both had the feeling Peter Pan was somewhere around because of the famous picture of him and Wendy and the boys standing on the clock-thingies of the Big Ben.

As I already showed you in this blog, I totally love Hampstead Heath so I decided to show Daphne on Saturday morning. After that, we spent our afternoon in the Theatre Café (my second home) and we went to the musicals (since I didn’t see any last summer – ahum – I saw 12 musicals last summer). Phantom of the Opera was amazing and the best thing was that Celinde Schoenmaker, a Dutch actress which I really like, played the lead.

On sunday we were stuck in traffic on our way to the free walking tour through Shoreditch. We were 30 minutes late but we were able to find our guide and join the group. The tour was very informative and I’d recommend it if you’re interested in streetart! The guide was very enthousiastic and even though my toes were frozen after the two-hour walk, I enjoyed it a lot. After that we went to the Sky Garden since we didn’t visit that last summer. Daphne is reaaally scared of hights so the first few minutes she was terrified but after that even she enjoyed the view. If you ever go to the Sky Garden, go during sunset! The view was so pretty!

On our last day we just visited our most favorite spots: south bank, Theatre Café (again) and Camden Food Market. At 13.00 it was time to go to the airport… We saw so many things in just three days, and not just the regular ‘hot spots’. London isn’t as big as you’d think once you know your way around!


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